Schaffer Engineering LLC

Schaffer Engineering LLC are experts in LabVIEW software development and data acquisition with specific emphasis on motor control and vision systems. We partner with Power/mation and Trio Motion Technology to help you solve your complete motion hardware requirements. We currently provide consulting services to support motion. Should you require a full LabVIEW solution, our staff partners with a local NI System Integrator, also an NI Partner, to deliver complete high-quality systems. 

With over 45 years of motion control experience, our staff has developed the Trio Motion Toolkit to allow users to develop motion control applications using Trio motion controllers. The toolkit has been reviewed, certified and released by the NI Tools Network.  It may be accessed through the NI Tools Network and installed using the VI Package Manager.

Please note that the installation requires that VIPM and LabVIEW need to be run with Administrative Privileges to successfully install this package.

Watch videos to learn more about the toolkit.

Please contact me through LinkedIn with any questions or comments.